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Auto Broker Club can provide all of the special lease programs from manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Audi, Hyundai, GMC, VW, Honda, Smart, Fiat, Kia, Cadillac, and all others.We would be happy to quote a lease payment for you on any vehicle.

Leasing makes sense for a lot of people. It often makes more sense than financing a car. We would be happy to show you the relative advantages of each.

Even if you know you prefer to lease, you should talk to someone who can help you through at least the first several steps before settling on a vehicle. Some cars don't lease as well as others.

One of the big advantages of working with us is that we are not tied to any dealership or any make. We can give you completely unbiased information on any car, because we have no particular interest in one make versus another. We can tell you which vehicles lease well and which don't, and we can offer other options as well.

If you are interested in leasing, or finding out more about it, call us, and we would be happy to work with you and guide you through at least the first several steps. If you decide that leasing is right for you, remember that for any car, the lease payment will be the lowest when you get the lowest price for the car, and we will get you the lowest price on any car.

Leasing Requirements

  • Must have a valid drives license
  • Must be able to provide full coverage insurance
  • Gap Insurance
  • Good to Excellent Credit
  • Usually you will need to come up with drive off costs


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Get the best deal without the hassle and haggle of going to those pesky car dealers. When you purchase a new car using Auto Broker Club we do everything from locating to delivering your new car, all you have to do is sign then drive off. We cab even deliver the vehicle to your home or office if you choose to have us do so. This means you can now buy a new car without ever having to interrupt your busy day, leave that headache up to us and still save money.

Want to surprise that special someone? We have been known to help our clients in delivering a new car surprise wrapped in a bow to their special someone. Just talk to the broker you are dealing with to have this set up.

Auto Broker Club is one of the Premiree auto concierge's in Southern California. It doesn't matter if you are buying a Hyundai or Ferrari you will get the A List Treatment. Let our knowledge and experience save you money and time with your next vehicle purchase or lease.


"Bryan truly found me the deal of the century, and for that I thank him. This was a great experience, very little hassle, and he was always attentive to my needs...and understanding of my pickiness"

Jake G.

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Between the founder, employees and network within Auto Broker Club there is collectively over 20+ years of experience in the auto industry. Using Auto Broker Club you will have a full service auto buying and leasing expert concierge to advise you in the best direction to go with your new vehicle investment. Understanding purchasing or leasing a car is one of the larger investments you will make, you should invest your time in seeking a professional to help ensure you get the best deal for your situation. Auto Broker Club believes in helping you take advantage of every rebate, promotion and savings possible on your new vehicle lease or purchase with undeniable service. Knowing the secrets and understanding the process dealerships use, as well having the bank rates, we will make sure you are always getting the fairest deal on the market.

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